Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ian's blog tour itinerary

Hi Year 6

Here's my full blog touring itinerary.


Ian Irvine

January 15, 2011                   
Ripping Ozzie Reads              Book Promotion

March 9, 2011               
A&R Edwardstown                On Writing Children’s Fiction

March 21, 2011            
Kid’s Book Capers                 Review and giveaway

March 22, 2011            
Dee Scribe                               Writing Ike’s Character

March 23, 2011            
Our Lady Of Lourdes School General Writing

March 23, 2011            
Tristan Banck’s Blog              Creative Process/Workspace

March 24                      
Kid’s Book reviews                Top 10 Writing Tips

March 28, 2011             
Robyn Campbell                     About the writing life and this book

March 28, 2011            
George Ivanoff                        10 things I enjoyed most about writing this book

March 31, 2011            
George Ivanoff                        10 things I found hardest about writing this book

April 6, 2011                
DC Green                                Where the character and story ideas came from

April 11, 2011               
Bug in a Book

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